Writing Workshop: Facing Your Fear & Finding Your Voice with Wade Rouse

Date and Location

Saturday, September 24, 2016
The Kirby Bed & Breakfast
294 W. Center St.
Douglas, MI 49406
Phone: 269-857-5472

Event Info

Writing Workshop: Facing Your Fear & Finding Your Voice with Wade Rouse

Instructor: Wade Rouse
Fee: $250.00 per student

9:00AM - Meet, Greet and Get Comfortable Coffee and Pastries & a kickoff introduction by Wade

10:00AM - Facing Your Fear & Finding Your Voice

Fear is what stops most people from pursuing their passion and following their dreams. Fear is also what inhibits most authors from writing what calls to them, and keeps them from finding their voice. Fear is, too often, a writer's worst and final editor. Wade will lead participants through an in-depth discussion on fear, how it is intertwined with writing, and how it nearly stopped him. He will share examples of his early work, and how his overcoming of fear – in his life and in his writing – was the final piece of the puzzle that changed his work and his voice forever, and led him to become a bestselling author.

Wade will also teach how to unleash your true writer's voice. Whether writing your first novel, mystery, or memoir, "voice" is the key to success, and the one thing every agent, editor and publisher is seeking. Before you write a word, you must first know NOT what you want to say but HOW you want to say it. Voice – not topic – is what sets every writer apart and serves as his or her greatest chance of success.

Wade will lead participants through an intensive, emotional and often life-changing writing exercise that links these two vital elements: How you can overcome your fear and find your own unique voice. Come prepared to write, to share, to laugh, and to cry.

Lunch break 1:00PM-1:30PM

Wade will share his tips and creative exercises for perfecting your work and completing it, focusing on:

  • Characterization
  • Dialogue
  • Tension
  • Plot flow
  • Beginning a memorable work (How to create the " first-page pop" … and keep that going)
  • Narrative
  • Humor

After Wade discusses each point, he will stop and ask you where you are stuck, or in need of help, in your particular work. He will also share – and ask you to share – pieces of his and your work, as examples to the class of compelling characterization, or damn good dialogue. A great class experience, that combines teaching, and group thinking

3:30PM Snack

Agents, Editors & Publishers, Oh, My! The Wizard's secrets to finding your yellow brick road to the literary world!

You have a manuscript, but it doesn't have a home. Or, at least, you are working on a manuscript, and you dream of being published. Publishing sources report that 99.9 percent of all queries to literary agents are rejected. And you thought writing was the hard part? So what makes the perfect elevator pitch? The perfect query letter? How do you beat the odds, and become part of that elite group?

Wade will teach participants how to craft the perfect query by sharing his original query, which landed seven formal offers, as well as those of some of his bestselling author-friends. Learn how to approach agents, and secure a reputable literary agent who can sell your work to a major publisher.

Wade will also walk participants through life after your book is published: What to expect when working with a major editor and publisher, how to market yourself, blog and deliver your own publicity. Specifically, Wade will teach what it's like to work with an editor, publishing today (the realities, challenges, and wonders), and how to be your own publicist, a necessity in the world today.

Wade will conduct a joint teaching and open Q&A session, with a prime focus on your work(s) in progress. In essence, now that you've found your voice, you need to find your way to the end. In addition to loads of courage, talent and time, you need structure. What makes a compelling plot? How do you create tension and compelling characters? How do you tackle a memoir? How do successful writers channel that narrative flow?

5:30PM Break and free time to write & relax

7:00PM Dinner with Wade

Registration Details

The day will also include a Meet & Greet reception, gourmet lunch, a sommelier-guided wine tasting, delicious dinner and refreshments during the day. Lodging is not required to attend the workshop.
Of course, we recommend making a little vacation out of it and staying the night or the weekend right here! Were even offering workshop participants 20% off our normal room rates. This way, newly inspired writers can take an extra day or two to write in a tranquil and beautiful environment away from it all.

Lodging is not required but available:
Guests may book rooms for the weekend at a 20% discount for Friday, Sat, Sun.
2 Queen Rooms $250
3 Deluxe Rooms $350
1 Suite $450

The workshop enrollment fee is $250 per person and includes all of the exciting events, food and drink mentioned above. But space is limited to just 40 people and our seven guest rooms will book quickly, so make sure to reserve your spot before its too late!

To book now or for more info, call Mindy at The Kirby at 269-857-5472.

Any questions please contact gary@waderouse.com