Is 50 Really the New 30? Or Is It Just Half of A Hundred?

I am hard at work on my next memoir, The Picture of Dorian Gay: Essays on Aging (un)Gracefully in A Youth-Obsessed Culture. It's about the funny, difficult, inspiring, challenging journey to middle age (that is, if we all expect to live to be a hundred), and the beauty in finding yourself and your gifts just when you think it's too late. Inspired by the stories of me and Gary, as well as our best girl friends, the book is filled with humor and poignancy, love and loss, as well as colonoscopies, Botox, Rogaine and "Why I'm A Wal-Mart Prescription Card Away from Being My Father". But, mostly, it's a tribute to the beauty of aging gracefully (and un-gracefully)! Stay tuned!