September 2007 Issue

Handling Rich Parents with Kid Gloves
By Eddie Shapiro

“A lot of memoirs are about outrageous people,” says Wade Rouse, whose second book, Confessions of A Prep School Mommy Handler (September, Harmony, $23.95), tells of his time at an exclusive school, where he had to manage the fawning parents of overprivileged students. “I’m just a nice guy who ends up in weird situations” – like the time that a mother wanted him and her poodle, LulaBelle, to deliver valentines to the students in matching Cupid outfits. With the same combination of humor and pathos that served Rouse so well in last year’s America’s Boy, Confessions, he says, is Prada meets Prep. “It’s amazing how willing people are to choke on their pride to be part of a world to which they think they want entree.”