Since beginning Wade's Writers, an unprecedented number of unpublished authors have found literary success. A few of those include:

Matt Ziselman

Matt attended both of Wade’s Writers retreats. I so loved his initial pages, I encouraged him and helped him complete his book. Matt ended up nabbing my literary agent, who sold it to Center Street (Hachette Book Group). Hounded was published in hardcover to critical acclaim in May 2013! (I even provided the cover blurb!) Matt is currently completing his second memoir.

Jim Higley (aka "Bobblehead Dad")

I initially met Jim at the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers Workshop, where I was teaching (both loved Erma, and still do!). In fact, Erma was where I first tested out my Wade's Writers "fear exercise" (to great success!). Jim attended one of my very first workshops, where we worked on his book. I also later assisted him with his query letter.  Jim’s book was published by Greenleaf Book Group Press in 2011 (I blurbed it, too!) and went onto win numerous awards including:

-2011 International Book Award Finalist (Cancer)
-2011 ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist (Self-Help)
-Top-10 Rated “Motivational” Book on Amazon/Kindle!

Today, Jim is a highly successful author, advocate, parenting guru, radio broadcaster, product spokesman and speaker.

Dora Hilburn

Dora attended my very first Wade's Writers retreat held in Saugatuck, Michigan. I was initially moved by her attendance, as we had gone to the same high school in the Ozarks and because she had known my brother (who passed away just after graduating). During the workshop, I was then moved by her positive spirit, drive and her writing. Dora started with not only a passion to write but also a meaningful reason for a book: She wanted to write a story that her daughters could read (and love), set in a place that she loved (Apalachicola, Florida). As I told Dora—and tell all writers—she began her book for all the right reasons and with all the right intentions and elements in place: She wrote a story she yearned to tell—one that had rattled in her head for ages—about a place she knew (Dora had vacationed in Apalachicola for years, and had sworn she had seen a ghost in one of her favorite, old, homes that was surrounded by trees filled with Spanish moss ... AND Dora had a picture to prove it!). Dora returned to a second workshop (my intensive, invitation-only manuscript review weekend at our cottage), and I was taken by her story (an atmospheric, YA ghost story with a history, heart and memorable characters, including a strong, smart, caring lead character, Anna). I worked with Dora on the manuscript, and she never gave up: She perfected it, she pursued agents and publication. She refused to quit. I couldn't be prouder of Dora on the publication of her first novel, Between