If you are unable to attend one of my retreats, I also do both query letter and manuscript reviews. I will read and prepare an in-depth editorial letter (similar in scope to what my editors at St. Martin's and Penguin Random House do) that looks at your manuscript from two key POVs: Commercial and literary. I review your book with an eye toward making it the best possible literary work it can be, and I also critique your work with an eye toward its commercial appeal, sell-ability and marketability, knowing that a contract with a major publisher, money for your work, and a book on a store's shelf is the ultimate end-goal for most writers (as well as a life as a full-time author). I am kind yet tough, I am honest and supportive, and I will give you the best possible critique AND plan for moving forward. In addition to my critique, you will receive a marked-up manuscript, and I will discuss follow-up questions with you in person (if possible), over the phone or via Skype. I also address, via email, questions you have regarding revisions to your work.

For more information please e-mail:
Gary Edwards